Right livelihood in an era of corporate greed

Added on by Alexei Levine.

As you may know from reading the news, for-profit education is very often a terrible trap for students trying to get ahead.  The big corporate schools charge big tuitions, and many engage in predatory recruiting techniques in order to take advantage of government-backed student loans.  When students graduate, they become what are essentially indentured servants.  Many default.  The tax payer is left holding the bag, the student is left with ruined credit, and the big school owners have all the tuition.

The injustice of this system is heartbreaking to us.  Our personal belief is that if we are going to be on this planet for seventy years or so, it makes sense to spend it doing something we can be proud of, something that helps in some meaningful way.  For us that happens to mean contributing to the solution to this problem.

We have one of the lowest tuitions in the country.  We don’t accept federal financial aid.  We have an interest-free monthly payment plan.  Our students pay $400 per month for the twelve months they are in school.  When our students graduate, they leave owing nothing.  It is so much easier to make a living as a new massage therapist just starting out, if most of your income is not going to pay back a huge loan.  Single parents make up a significant portion of our student body.  It feels really good to us to know that we are giving a leg up to folks who are willing to work hard to make a better life for themselves and their children.

We also believe in paying our instructors a good wage. Although our tuition is so low, we've heard anecdotes that lead us to believe that we pay our instructors almost twice the rate the big corporate schools pay their instructors. That's one reason we've been able to attract such talented people.

When people ask us why we offer our scholarships and charge so little, we reply - why do the big corporate schools charge so much?