$35 Student Massage Clinic

Benefit from a Student Massage in one of our student clinics, located in Easthampton, Boston, and St. Paul.

Our student clinic serves three purposes: 

The clinic allows us to provide this exceptional education to our students at one of the lowest tuitions in the country.

The clinic gives our students the practice and experience that help our graduates excel in the field.

The clinic provides affordable massage to the public.

We love this win-win-win design of our school. It's good for the community, good for the school, and great for our students!

Download our waiver and consent for student massage here.



When calling to make an appointment, please leave a message, as we are rarely able to answer the phone outside of clinic hours. We will call you back, we promise.

Easthampton ($35)

  • Wednesdays 1:30p - 9:00p

  • Fridays 10:00a - 1:30p ; 5:30p - 9:00p

  • Sundays 10:00a - 1:30p


Boston ($35)


  • Saturdays 10:00a - 5:30p

  • Tuesdays 2:00p - 9:30p

  • Thursdays 2:00p - 9:30p

  • Fridays 6:00p - 9:30p


St. Paul ($35, tax included)

  • Wednesdays 2:00p - 9:30p

  • Fridays 6:00p - 9:30p

  • Sundays 11a - 6:30p