What People are saying about The Massage School

Bob Smith-Peterson LMT

It’s been over 5 years since I attended The Massage School, and 4 years since being licensed as a massage therapist, yet I still think highly of these first steps of my journey into professionally practicing and studying the healing arts. Many have asked me what massage school was like, so I am writing this to share my experiences. While I cannot over-emphasize the importance of continuing education, encourage you to take additional classes and learn as much as possible about stuff that fascinates you, my education at The Massage School (formerly in Acton) was an eclectic, comprehensive, hands-on, fun, positive, spiritual, life-changing and extremely student-centered experience, one which I recall quite fondly. I cannot think of a better program to give someone a solid foundation in massage therapy or foster a caring, hardworking and compassionate work ethic.

Going to school for additional education and lifestyle changes had its challenges, but the wisdom, life experiences and ability to process information at a faster pace than in high school or college made it much more approachable because I was never bored. I always felt my teachers had something important, interesting or profound to offer. Massage therapy is not just a job; it is a serious calling that stirs and shakes the very essence of who you are. It calls you to be of service to others in a world that so desperately needs compassionate touch, caring and healing. It is a responsibility, a joy, and an honor to work so closely and so deeply with others.

The program of studies at The Massage School was very structured and sequential with specialized classes that cohesively progressed into a great body of technique, professionalism and knowledge of the body, mind and spirit. Multimedia would be an understatement because we practiced on each other, used coloring books, watched movies & demonstrations, sculpted muscles with play dough and engaged in very deep discussions. I take great pride in being one of many happy alumni because Alexei, Valerie, Teeka, Roberta, Samantha, Bobby and Val believed in my potential, were generous in making sure I and the other students understood the material, and encouraged me to grow.

Everyone started the program with 8 weeks of learning a general, but effective, set of techniques for massaging every region of the body. It prepared us well for our upcoming supervised clinical hours. Learning the basic techniques so early in the curriculum was also a great way to see whether or not massage therapy was a good path to follow because of the direct hands-on engagement and learning. So many schools don’t offer much hands-on work early, which I think is a great mistake. How do we know if we like massage if we don’t try it out first?

Next we took Anatomy & Physiology for 12 weeks while simultaneously taking two smaller 6-week Pathology and Kinesiology classes. That 12-week period was the most technical, academic and scientific. It gave me valuable insights into why certain techniques are effective, solidified a greater understanding of how every part of the body is inherently connected and how we move, perceive pain/illness/injury, and when massage is or is not appropriate, all important for doing bodywork without causing harm. These classes were also fairly interactive and hands-on.

One of my favorite parts of school was the set of three small week-long introductory classes to Thai bodywork, shiatsu and reflexology. I definitely developed an interest in each modality and they sparked the inspiration to learn more on my own. Business and Ethics was the weakest class and most boring simply because of the assignments and how it was taught. It felt limited in its practicality, but I learned that I cannot simply fantasize about having a successful practice. My efforts and persistence matter; being mindful, of my actions and practices, has long-term ripple effects. I also gained a sense of what I envision in practicing massage in the years to come. The last course, Advanced Theory and Techniques, was perhaps the most challenging and most rewarding. It was a more focused class that emphasized SOAP notes [a standard format of massage noting Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan sections], professionalism, documentation, more focused deep-tissue techniques for targeted issues such as frozen shoulders and neck pain, and allowed us to study any other stuff we’d wanted to learn but didn’t have time to explore earlier. The clinical hours allowed me to create my own way of doing massage, plus the clients gave me constructive feedback to improve and refine my style. I still go to the Massage School in Boston and teach for a day about flow states, spinning poi, self-care and massage techniques with current students.

While I continue to learn after completing massage school, I take pride in the solid foundation it provided me at a very reasonable price with a flexible time frame. I felt supported by my teachers, respected and accepted for being myself, and made some of the dearest friends and colleagues a person could ask for. When people ask what my massage education was like I can say with all my heart that it was awesome, challenging, profound, life-changing and positive. The hardest part of massage school was not learning the course materials or techniques; it was discovering, healing and working with the deepest parts of my inner self. If you are reading this and are considering a path in massage therapy I recommend The Massage School in Boston, MA or Easthampton, MA, happily and without hesitation.

Laura Blackwell
Manager, Elements Therapeutic Massage, Belmont

I am a manager of a Therapeutic Massage Studio outside of Cambridge, and I have just hired my first Massage School grad (Jeena S.). She will not be my last. She is motivated, informed, and most important, she knew how to give a great deep tissue massage on her first day. I did not need to coddle her or give her time to build up her pressure; she came in ready to work, and after three weeks is already building up a solid clientele. Please send me any resumes you have. If she is an indication of a typical Massage School graduate, then I am excited to hire more. Thank you!

Allison Potter
2010 graduate of The Massage School
Attending The Massage School has changed my life! I love working with the clients and communicating with their bodies with my hands to help them to achieve greater mobility, range of motion and ideally a pain-free life. I think of each client as an intricate puzzle that by identifying and treating the source of their pain, I am helping them to achieve and value optimal wellness. I am excited everyday about continuing my education and learning more about, well, everything! The Massage School offered such a great cross-section of techniques that I have discovered so many styles of touch therapy that I will definitely be following up with further education. I find that I am now able to “think with my hands” so to speak while I am hands on with the client. Thank you so much for your and Alexei’s commitment to continuing to offer this program through The Massage School. I have been reminded how necessary therapeutic touch is and how important it is to be able to offer my skills to everyone, rather than just those who can “afford” massage and treat it as a luxury service.

Kristalyn Belino
I am so glad I found The Massage School. The curriculum and routine are fantastic. This was my second attempt at massage therapy, and I felt like everything clicked even before I had my first class. Valerie and Alexei were so warm and open during the interview process, and the positive feedback on the website reinforced my desire to become a student at The Massage School. The teachers are some of the best I have encountered. They walk you through everything step by step, and you are doing hands on work from day one. I feel that by doing this you retain more knowledge about technique and are more prepared when you graduate. I would recommend The Massage School to anyone interested in becoming a massage therapist. The program is wonderful and the people you will encounter as classmates, as well as teachers, will teach you so much, not only about different life experiences and walks of life, but also about yourself. This journey that I am on has already changed my life so much. It is therapeutic and enlightening. I am so glad I decided to become a student here at The Massage School. Thank you Valerie and Alexei for making this all possible. You are both great teachers with a fantastic mission and vision. I am so grateful!

Eva Sanchez
I really enjoyed the fact that on day one we started to learn about massage and practice on each other’s body. Having three very different teachers go over the same routine was also helpful, as it gave us different perspectives. It taught me that you can interpret things differently but that intention, practice, and perspective matter greatly. I really enjoyed Valerie as a teacher. She is a mentor to me. She has been instrumental in the spiritual journey we are all taking. The opportunity that The Massage School has given this class is priceless. They have placed an enormous amount of confidence on us and have been very generous. I can’t thank them enough. Alexei and Valerie have put a great number of souls together and I feel this class is just great. I am learning from every person everyday. It makes me incredibly happy.

Lauren Abend
My experience with The Massage School of Easthampton was extremely positive. I really enjoyed the different styles of the three teachers. They altogether offered the practical, clinical, spiritual, and healing aspects of what massage as a profession offers. After each class I felt optimistic and excited about what I had learned and was excited to practice. I appreciated how open each instructor was to offer feedback as well as receive feedback or questions from me. I really feel like this program has helped me evolve as a human and has been beneficial to the growth of my body, mind, and spirit. I am extremely encouraged to continue my education in the field of massage therapy.

Josiah Aiken-Drake
This was an extremely positive experience for me. Coming into the class I was not sure what to expect, but found myself immediately becoming comfortable with the program and the teachers. I think what I valued the most from the beginning was the different perspectives that each teacher brought to their respective classes. This variety helps us as students find methods and attitudes toward massage that can match our personal feelings and abilities. I enjoyed each teacher equally and took valuable insight from every meeting. I also commend the selection of students…my peers were loving, generous people who were easy to work with and learn from. This was a stellar class and I’m proud to have played a part in it.

Bethany Simons
I can’t begin to tell you what a joy this last year has been for me. You already know the value of what you are doing, but I want to reiterate and remind you that there is nothing in comparison for those of us lucky enough to have found and taken advantage of what you are doing! Your hard work is so worth everything you are struggling to accomplish. Please keep doing this and keep me in the loop of anything I can do to be helpful to you. You all individually and as a team have been such a rock for me. I can’t tell you how much respect and admiration I have for you all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this gift. That is truly what it is.

Patti Fradette
I have wanted to be a Massage Therapist for as long as I can remember. Raising kids and working full-time always seemed to keep my dream hopelessly out of reach, both logistically and financially. The Massage School has changed all that. Their affordable course of study and incredibly flexible class schedules has made pursuing my dream a reality…at last. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Alexei, Valerie, and Teeka. I’ll never forget you.

Pat Howell
I looked at several schools with specific attention to the philosophy and curriculum. The Massage School gets right down to the essence of massage from day one with its hands-on approach to learning. It just makes so much sense!

Lance Lucas
A hands-on learning school that encourages you to step away from the traditional class environment. Flexible class schedule lets me complete this course without losing my full-time job. Thank you, The Massage School!

Sheila Donahue
The Massage School is a pleasant educational experience. Their philosophy is that of kindness, love, patience, and understanding. I would whole-heartedly recommend this experience to anyone interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy. It’s affordable, flexible, and encouraging.

D. Gardner
The Massage School treats us as capable adults. They immediately incorporate empirical knowledge and allow us to explore what’s most effective for our own practice. I appreciate their ease with working with me through schedule difficulties and nonjudgmental answers to questions I’ve had. I interviewed the directors of several schools in the area before deciding on The Massage School and have no doubt I made the right choice. They are efficient with my and their time, omit unnecessary fluff, and give both guidance and trust to the students.

Jennifer Beal
The school has been such a great experience. Since the first day, it was hands on and very full of knowledge from massage to proper body mechanics. Everyday is a new venture. Each class day for the beginning class is 1 of 3 great instructors each that bring their unique way of teaching. I feel fortunate to be part of this wonderful school.

Meghan Kohan
The Massage School is the one school I found that is more interested on what each individual takes from the program instead of how much they get from each student. They are understanding and flexible to everyday issues. They make you feel very comfortable and make the environment enjoyable and easy to learn in. It is hard to find schools that are dedicated to producing well-trained and educated students and not just being another number on a check. Thank you!

Anne Marie Iannelli
I’m so very happy with my choice of attending The Massage School. I’ve been looking at school for the last 9 years and finally found one that fits my schedule at a price I can afford. The integrity of the people running and instructing the school represents truly what I believe in and are wonderful examples of what the trade of massage is all about. I am a small business owner and feel the quality of training I am receiving goes above and beyond what is out there with the corporate schools as the setting is appropriate for me and my learning needs. Truly a fabulous choice!

Pat Howell
When I asked my very first client in student clinic for feedback after her massage she said, “That was the best massage I have had since I left California.” And then she booked another massage with me. It was amazing! I couldn’t help but smile, since our instructors had explained to us throughout the semester that the massage style and techniques they were teaching us consistently elicited very positive comments from clients. And there it was – living proof!